Tim Tam Slam

The Tim Tam: encased in a hard chocolate shell, two crunchy, rectangular chocolate wafers sandwich a creamy chocolate frosting center. In short, three exquisite textures in one bite-sized assembly. I am a huge fan.
The composite cookie features one particularly notable engineering feat, facilitated by the glory of the porous chocolate wafer: the unique ability to act as a terribly flawed straw, but wonderfully efficient sponge. Allow me to elaborate.

Here, we have a Tim Tam.

Here, I have strategically bitten off the corners.

Here, I have a mug of freshly brewed French press coffee, featuring beans roasted by Blackstar Coffee here in West End, ground for me by Tom while I was at the Davies St West End Farmers Market on Saturday. The first sip is hot, of course, and smooth, caramel, slightly bitter. Always the best way to start a morning.

Can you guess what might happen?

I place one bitten corner just barely into the coffee. I bring my lips to the opposite corner and suck hard, like I’ve gotten a cookies and cream milkshake and a cookie chunk has clogged my straw. Slowly, I feel the chocolate coating of the Tim Tam start to melt under my fingertips. The cookie gets heavier.

Just before the Tim Tam disintegrates in my fingers and slumps into the coffee, I shove it in my mouth in one tremendous bite of melting chocolate and coffee saturated wafer.


The Tim Tam Slam.  

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